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Key Topics Covered in this Course

Haneef Abbas

Investment Banker

Haneef Abbas is the Chief Executive Officer of Leonine Investment Services Limited (“Leonine”). He is a finance professional with over 12 years experience in corporate finance, financial analysis, business intelligence, data analytics and financial modeling.

He has trained over 750 professionals in finance and analytics across the globe. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a member of the Association of Chartered Accoutant UK.

Haneef was the Head Corporate Finance and business reporting at Asset and Resource Management Holding Company. He is also an alumnus of PwC, Access Bank Plc, and FSDH Merchant Bank Limited.

 He has 7+ years experience building financial models and has built over 50 models for businesses in different industries.

Course Description

The Build Financial Models Like a Pro course by Leonine Learning is a self-paced online course led by financial modeling expert, Haneef Abbas.

This course takes you from having never built a model to becoming a financial modeler using a tried and tested system


Amazing Course

The course curriculum is comprehensive and very detailed, it covers everything that it is expected to cover. It was a good experience for me. Haneef Abbas has a good understanding of the subject matter

Moses Ojo

Whether you are a :

  • Financial planning and budget professional
  • Corporate strategy analyst
  • Finance professional working in sell side and buy side advisory e.g., corporate finance, investment bankers, investment managers, private equity
  • Risk management professional
  • Accounting professional

you are sure to leave this course with a sought after skill that will make you a superstar in your career, serve as a side income generator and even help you lay a good foundation when setting up a business.

Course Details

Course Duration

Self - Paced

Course Price

$150 / ₦150,000

Course Level


Course Objectives

This course will:
  • equip you with the skills to develop robust models that help your company/clients optimize their operations, spot areas for improvement and maximize profits.
  • empower you with the skills needed to enhance strategic financial planning and support data driven decision making.
  • ensure you can identify key business drivers, analyze, and forecast financial performance and ultimately provide sound recommendations to management that drives your company/clients growth and support deals.
The Build Models Like a Pro course really ramps up your excel and financial analysis skills but this is not a watch and automatically get the skills course. As with all things, you need to practice!!; but our well tested and easy system to building models is guaranteed to reduce your learning curve.

Key Features

Student Reviews about This Course

I believe that the course really provides you with an excellent understanding of both financial modelling and the key finance and accounting concepts required for investment banking. The course is hands-on which allowed me to experience the lessons first hand and have the support of Mr. Abbas.
Yohan Ghate
University of Southern California, USA
The course was insightful and my expectations were met. Excellent delivery with balanced pace.
Adeniji Abiodun
Transport Services Limited
The Program provided me with the foundational skill sets I use today in financial modeling as the facilitator communicated clearly, patiently and adequately linked financial concepts to real-life examples. ”
Moni Alli
The financial modeling classes were very exciting and insightful. My goal for taking the training was achieved without a doubt. The course curriculum is designed to allow in-depth understanding. Abbas is an excellent teacher. He understands the fundamentals and is able to communicate same"
Olalekan Ipele
PAC Capital

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